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Guitar Power Chords - Metal Maiden 1.0

A free guitar lesson for rock and heavy-metal lovers
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Guitar is a very popular musical instrument, and there are many ways to learn how to play it. Music Coach is one of them. It is a free program that lets you visualize interactive lessons for learning to play the guitar, as well as keyboards and piano. Regarding guitar, it has a number of lessons for beginners and intermediate players, which you can purchase online. They cover many music styles, like rock, folk, and classic, and also the most important guitar playing techniques like fingerstyle, rhythm, and lead, both for acoustic and electric guitar.

To give you a taste of what Music Coach lessons are, the developers give a lesson absolutely free of charge. It is named Metal Maiden and is part of a wider module covering the so-called power chords, a chord form widely used in rock, modern blues, and heavy metal. In Metal Maiden, you will learn how to apply the palm and stop muting techniques, also very common in rock music. The lesson includes a song tablature and an image of the fretboard with the fingerings you should use. Also, it includes the music track with realistic electric guitar sounds. If you want to learn how to play the guitar or hone your music skills, this program will prove very useful.

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